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ITP Live has four key business areas building the region's largest social influencers' agency, video content creation, digital sales representation and digitally focused live events. The objectives of the division are to extend the digital footprint of ITP and APP Media Group (APP) brands as well as providing new content creation opportunities for commercial partners.

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Dubai. 23 January 2017.

Press Release

ITP Live’s social influencer agency announces 26 signings

ITP Live, the new digital division of ITP Media Group, today announced the first 26 personalities that have signed to its social influencer agency. With a combined audience of more than 5.6 million followers, the eclectic mix of individuals include designers, YouTube stars, business thought leaders, models, beauty ambassadors, fashionistas, an Olympian and a 15-year old sneaker aficionado.

Ali Akawi, CEO of ITP Media Group said: “Our announcement heralds a new dawn not just for social influencers but the GCC media industry as a whole. We are today laying the foundations for an entirely new industry that will reshape the media landscape. Not only do we firmly believe in the power and strength of influencers, but through our own print and digital brands, developed over the last 30 years, we are uniquely placed to help them realise their full potential. This is already reflected in the quality of influencers we have signed up.”

Akawi added: “Influencer marketing is now a global industry with professional operating standards and best practice guidelines. ITP Live is bringing these standards to the region in order to properly establish and develop the industry here. Influencer marketing is not a short term trend, so there needs to be a more structured approach, better understanding of positioning among the influencers, and more accurate reporting for brands. The industry will only be viable in the long term if we establish it correctly from the outset and that is what we are doing.”

ITP Live’s social influencer agency operates across the GCC and has already started working with brands including DTCM and P&G. March will see ITP Live hold its first influencer event, and the agency’s website will launch as more talent is signed.

Alia Fawad, Director, ITP Live: “We have been extremely selective when it comes to our initial signings as we wanted a wide range of content covered and individuals with proven levels of engagement. We have both influencers with high reach and those who are micro-influencers in their specific fields. Both are equally significant when it comes to communicating our clients’ messages to the right audience.”

In alphabetical order they are:- Abdulla Al Abdulla, Afra AlMarri, Aishwarya Ajit, Ali Al Jassmii, Aljuhara Sajer, AlReem Saif, Andy Scott, Elnaz Golrokh, Gehna Advani, Hala Abdallah, Hamid Fadaei, John Marques, Khalid AlAmeri, Mariam Yeya, Max Bouchard, Michel Salgado, Nadine Du Toit, Naomi D’Souza, Nina Ali, Nina Zandnia, Omar Al Busaidy, Rashid Belhasa, Rosemin Manji, Searina Abdel Kader, Zeynab El-Helw and Zoe Bowker.

For further queries please contact:

Isla Watt
Manager of Corporate Affairs, ITP Media Group
Tel. +971 4 444 3784

Dubai. November 7, 2016.

Press Release

ITP Group announces the launch of its new digital division - ITP Live

The region's largest media publisher, ITP Media Group (ITP), is expanding its reach with the launch of a new digital division, ITP Live. The division will extend the digital footprint of ITP and APP Media Groups' brands, and provide new content creation opportunities for commercial partners.

ITP Live has five key business areas – the region's largest social influencers' agency, video content creation, digital sales representation, ecommerce and live events.

ITP pioneered online media offerings in the Middle East with its first web portal – – launched in 1997 and market-leading following soon after. It now has digital products covering nearly every conceivable market segment and its vast team of consumer and B2B editors work on 85 media brands.

Ali Akawi, Managing Director of ITP Group, said: “ITP Live is an exciting new addition to the company. It will work horizontally to maximise opportunities across our brands and vertically by creating its own unique products. One of the horizontal aspects is video, and as one of the most prolific content creators in the region we believe that creating video content is a natural extension to our business.

"From interviews with top CEOs in Arabian Business, backstage footage from Harper’s Bazaar cover shoots, celebrity meets with Ahlan! to pre-openings of new venues by Time Out, our unrivalled access means we can provide engaging, highly shareable content across multiple platforms, which is both interesting for viewers and enables brands to narrate great stories to a wider audience across the GCC," he added.

Working in collaboration with an established global influencer marketing and management company, ITP Live is launching the GCC region's largest social media influencer agency to represent regional talent. ITP Live will develop this talent agency to recruit social media personalities that have synergy with both ITP and APP brands, and that of their commercial partners across interest areas including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and business.

One of the first initiatives of ITP Live has been the licensing of Oracle BlueKai, the industry's leading Data Management Platform (DMP). Ahmad Bashour, newly appointed General Manager of ITP Live said: "In the age of content and data, having a DMP provides us with more insight into our audience behaviour, allowing a deeper level of personalisation of content. This also gives our advertisers a real opportunity to then tailor their campaigns to specifically target more accurate customer segments that will give them the highest return on their investment."

ITP Live will also create digitally focused events including awards, forums and training opportunities for the region’s influencers to bridge the gap between international and local talent.

For further queries please contact:

Isla Watt
Manager of Corporate Affairs, ITP Media Group
Tel. +971 4 444 3784

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