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Logistics Middle East (English),

"Getting the right product to the right place in the right quantity at the right time, in the best condition and at an acceptable cost..." The UK Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport?s defi nition of 'logistics.'

The Arabian Peninsula sits at the heart of a market of around 1.7 billion people, covering the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa. A combination of rapid population growth, increasing consumer awareness and high oil prices mean that this is a booming market for fast moving consumer products.

At the same time, many parts of this region are re-emerging after long periods of war and political isolation. These countries are hungry not only for the consumer products that were previously denied to them, but also for the building materials and medicines required for their reconstruction.

Large scale investment, political stability and open economic policies have turned the Arabian Gulf into the logistical hub of this huge trans-continental trade. However, the free zones in the region, including Jebel Ali, Salalah Port, Dubai Cargo Village and, soon, Dubai Logistics City, are not just entrypoints for goods coming into the Gulf. They also act as transit points for cargo destined for countries around the world.

Logistics Middle East caters to distribution, purchasing and warehouse managers in need of logistics services, as well as the numerous companies whose business is the transportation of goods. Logistics Middle East covers all aspects of the industry, including IT, warehousing, distribution and transportation. It is fi rmly established as a must-read for all logistics professionals working in the region.

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