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The massive growth of the Middle East broadcasting, telecommunications, internet and media and marketing sectors combined with the proliferation of new content distribution models (coming as a result of the ongoing development of digital technology) creates new demand for a dedicated publication serving these booming markets.

DIGITAL BROADCAST Middle East is the leading information resource for those involved in the business of delivering and managing media content for television, cinema, radio, mobile and online distribution in the digital age.

The publication is the number one resource for senior management in the broadcast, telecommunications and online sectors charged with expanding revenue streams and developing new commercial strategies incorporating emerging digital content delivery technologies, while taking into account the proliferation of content available in the digital age.

Featuring a compelling mix of industry news, features, analysis, product showcases, technical installation and commercial implementation profiles, DIGITAL BROADCAST Middle East provides a comprehensive monthly round-up of the latest developments impacting these existing and emerging content delivery sectors.

DIGITAL BROADCAST Middle East is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality editorial standards and providing the best possible news and information resource for key industry decision makers, in addition to technical analysis from experts in the field.

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