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Hospitality & Catering Directory (English)

The Hospitality & Catering Directory is the ultimate reference tool for individuals and organisations involved in the Middle East's hospitality and catering industries, both of which are currently witnessing exponential growth.

Available in print and online from July 2008, the Hospitality & Catering Directory contains contact details for over 4,000 hospitality and catering related contractors, suppliers and service providers operating in the GCC.

Divided into master categories and multiple subsections, the Hospitality & Catering Directory is an invaluable tool for organisations looking to expand their network of business partners across the region-whether it be in hospitality, catering, leisure, meetings or any other hospitality and catering related discipline.

Produced by the Middle East's leading trade publisher for the hospitality and catering sectors, users of the Hospitality & Catering Directory can be sure this reference tool will deliver the information they require, while advertisers can ensure their products and services are known to the most influential decision makers across the GCC.

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