ITP aims to meet high standards of corporate governance and responsible behaviour, both in its transactions with staff and third parties. The company has strong, formal policies in place to guide its officers and staff.


ITP's intention is to provide its readers with straight reporting. Clear, open and impartial commentary, analysis and balanced viewpoints are a key objective for the company's editors. ITP believes strongly that its value as an editorial resource to its readers is underpinned by its integrity.

Any person or company interacting with ITP's editorial team should be confident that they will be reported accurately, fairly and truthfully and that the highest standards of impartial, thorough and responsible journalism are maintained by the company and its staff.

The company believes strongly that the content of its editorial should not be influenced by pressure exerted on the company's editorial staff by advertisers.

ITP operates its media understanding its responsibility to respect individual privacy and the right of people to expect their privacy to be preserved, balancing action in the public interest with the preservation of individual's rights wherever it is able to do so.

ITP deals with editorially related complaints quickly, fairly and with courtesy.


If you believe that any editorial material is unfair or inaccurate, in the first instance please email to


ITP has a policy of conducting its affairs in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates and is committed to following the highest standards of business ethics. Any customer, supplier, competitor or other person who comes into contact with the company, whether through direct interaction with the company's staff or through one of the company's media, has the right to expect to be dealt with fairly, honestly and with integrity.

Similarly, the company believes that its staff should have the right to work in an open, fair and clear environment with clear policies and procedures and a commitment from the company to ensuring that the working environment at ITP is free of discrimination, intolerance and unprofessional conduct.

Integrity, honesty, forthrightness and fairness are of primary importance in all business relationships involving the Company. The Company expects each employee to deal fairly with the Company's customers, suppliers and competitors and to perform his or her duties in such a manner as to preserve the Company's good name and reputation.

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